Polity - General Studies

1. Class 1: Introduction
2. Class 2: Federation, Parliament, State Legislature(Unicameral& Bicameral), Types of Bills
3. Class 3: Law Making Procedure in the Parliament 
4. Class 4: Historical Background of Indian Constitution (1)
5. Class 5Historical Background of Indian Constitution (2)
6. Class 6: Making of The Constitution
7. Class 7: Sources and Salient Features of the Indian Constitution
8. Class 8: Preamble
9. Class 9: Union and Its Territories
10. Class 10: Citizenship, Fundamental Rights
11. Class 11: Fundamental Rights
12. Class 12: DPSP & Fundamental Duties
13. Class 13:  President (1)
14. Class 14:  Functions of The President 
15. Class 15: Pardoning Powers of the President
**June 10, 2017: Manner of Election of The President of India
16. Class 16: Vice President 
17. Class 17: PM and Council of Ministers
18. Class 18: Attorney-General, Advocate General, Lok Sabha, Rahya Sabha
19. Class 19: Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Articles 101 to 123
20. Class 20: Supreme Court, High Court, CAG
21. Class 21: Questions in Parliament 
22. Class 22: Governor
23. Class 23: Chief Minister and Council of Ministers
24. Class 24: State Legislature
25. Class 25: Budget
26. Class 26: UPSC, SPSC, JPSC
27. Class 27: Panchayati Raj
28. Class 28:Municipalities
29. Class 29: National Emergency, President's Rule
30. Class 30: Financial Emergency, Anti-Defection Law
31. Class 31: 5th and 6th Schedules, Center-State Relations, Election Commission
32. Class 32: Special Provisions, Official Languages, Miscellaneous, Temporary, Transitional provisions..


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