Sunday 7 May 2017


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  2. Good mrng madam
    U told that high tide occur due to gravitational pull by moon and the other side due to centrifugal force.
    Then the high tide is more in magnitude at d side of d moon as compared Wt other side since centrifugal force is adding to gravity of moon.
    Otherwise centrifugal force is a common and can not consider it in estimation of tides.
    At d end my doubt is that
    (1)the resultant forces which are effective on tides are gravitational forces of moon and sun, not d centrifugal force due to earth rotation.
    (2) How spring tide(moon &sun present at one side) occure on other side of d earth as there is no presence of any pull. How a counter force is created on otherside.
    This concept needs some more explanation
    Thank you madam.

  3. You told that Nagtibba range is in continuation with Mussoorie range but Plz clear that nag tibba is in Uttarakhand or not.Lesser himalayas are divided into 3 ranges Pir panjal,dauladhar range and Nagtibba range in India....Plz explain